iPod Docking Station Reviews

When deciding upon a docking station for your iPod, you have many choices. Reading online reviews should be your first stop to ensure that you get a quality dock for your money. iPod docking stations can range anywhere from £40 to £400, depending on what you’re looking for. Here are some of the top docks, as rated by users, at various price points.


Vestalife Firefly speaker dock – one of the best in its price class, the Firefly is available in metallic red, black and silver and has insect inspired, fold-out speaker wings. Once the wings are opened, the dock and its touch controls are revealed. The Firefly is the perfect size for portability and able to run on AC power or batteries (four AA).


Sony CMTLX40i DAB – not just an iPod dock, this Sony model also features a DAB radio and a CD player for those of us that haven’t been able to completely give up our disc collections. The DAB can store up to 20 radio stations plus 20 fm and 10 am stations as well. There is also a line-in that supports mp3 players not made by Apple. The unit delivers up to 10W of power through its 80mm built-in speaker.


Fidek iBigBoy 2 – with a 500watt max output, the Fidek is never short on power or sound. If there is a drawback to this unit, it’s the size: 581mm x 220 x 860 mm. The unit is not made for the bedside table by any means; fitting better in a living room or other, larger space. The unit delivers not only power but a mid-range and treble like no other docking station in its class.

Before deciding on the iPod docking station you wish to purchase, take into consideration the amount of space you have, the location in which you wish to place your station and how often you’ll be using it. If the station will be your main source of musical entertainment, or you plan on hooking it to your television, you may want to go for a higher end model. If you need a station that you can move with you from room-to-room or to the garden, one of the smaller low- to mid-range models may be better suited.