Best iPod Docking Station

Looking for the best iPod docking station? There are several factors to consider, including price, performance and features. The iPod’s speakers deliver tinny sound at best. Of the best-selling iPod docking stations, Bose is renowned for superior, rich sound quality. The Bose docking station allows iPods and iPhones to sync and charge at the same time, just like when they are plugged into a computer or laptop. The Bose unit is sleek, attractive and modern and adds style to any room. And the Bose docking station has a rechargeable lithium ion battery so that it can be used without electricity. It features an auxiliary jack so that it can be used with other audio devices, such as CD players or other brands of MP3 players. At around £185, the Bose iPod docking station is at the pricier end of the spectrum.

Apple, of course, offers their own iPod docking stations, with the very affordable Dual 50W x 4 model available for £43. The Apple iPod Dual 50W x 4 docking station allows users to listen to their favorite radio stations as well as their iPod or other audio device. Bluetooth technology even makes it possible to use the docking station to make hands-free calls.

The Philips DC315/37 Speaker System combines an iPod or iPhone docking station with an LED clock radio. Users can play their iPod while it charges and set their alarm to wake up to their iPod or their favorite radio station. This handy and versatile iPod docking station is available for around £46.

If portability is a consideration when looking for the best iPod docking station, the Sylvania Portable iPod Dock Boom Box offers a variety of features for the very affordable price of about £21. The Sylvania iPod Boom Box lets users play their iPod or other audio device and includes a radio and clock. The design is attractive, compact and easily portable.

Sony’s RDP-XF100IP Portable iPod Docking Station also features a radio but does not have the compact design of the Sylvania portable docking station. The Sony starts at around £123.

With so many choices available, everyone can find the best iPod docking station for their budget and lifestyle.